Aster Eco-Village is a smart eco-village in Krizavci, Croatia. The village offers excellent connectivity, sustainable energy, clean water, farm-to-table, and an active global community of entrepreneurs and professionals. Here, you will be living with 1,199 other residents in a peaceful rural setting that promises a healthy life and a strong community.
Dine with residents in the village dining hall and enjoy farm-to-table feasts every day
With only 1,200 residents, we are a big family, recognize everyone in the village


Digital nomads, enviromentalists and retirees meet to live in harmony with nature, explore their spiritual path, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Public Private Partnership

The project is a collaboration between the city government and Aster corporation. The government provides infrastructure support and tax incentives. Aster Corporation develops the village linking it with the city's existing business environment.

Village - 10 hectares

  1. Sustainable construction
  2. Aesthetically famous buildings
  3. Biophilic designs for symbiotic living with nature

Eco Farm - 20 hectares

  1. Heirlooms fruits and vegetables for biodiversity
  2. Sustainable agriculture
  3. Farm to table for villagers and visitors

Forest surrounding the village

  1. Carbon absorption for the village
  2. A barrier for sounds, pollution, and view
  3. Carbon credit trading in EU ETS


Live and work in the Village
Make a responsible investment in Aster Eco-Village project